1st day Monday, March, 01, 2021
9.00-12.00. Scientific Section: Spine
Moderators: Ilyuk R., Gorbatiyuk K.

Bohdan Chopko – Application of artificial intelligence in correction of adult spinal deformity

Marcel Ivanov – Management of spinal bleeding

Volodymyr Radchenko – Paravertebral Muscles: What Does This Mean for Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Roman Ilyuk – Commplications and Adverse Events of Vertebral Augmentation

Oleksii Nekhlopochyn – Type and severity of traumatic subaxial cervical injury as predictors of neurological dysfunction

Oleksii Nekhlopochyn – Application of the AOSpine subaxial classification system for treatment strategy optimization

Sechko Oleksandr – Surgical decompression and stabilization of cervical spine traumatic lesions (360 О surgery) with assistance of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring

Sechko Oleksandr – Radical surgery for tumors of the vertebral bodies and sacrum

Kostiantyn Horbatiuk – Minimally invasive surgical approach to extramedullary spinal tumors removal. How I do it.

Pylypchuk Valeriy – Spine deformation surgery. Complications

Kapshuk Ivan – Minimally invasive surgical treatment of lumbar spine stenosis

Oleksii Leontiev – Minimally invasive tubular transforaminal lumbar interbody spondilodesis

Nazarenko Olga – Posterior minimally invasive tubular transarticular fixation of the cervical spine

13:00-15:20 Scientific Section: Glioma Management
Moderators: Smolanka V., Voznyak O.

Martyn Andrii – Modern approach to surgical removal of glioma: our experience

Bozinov Oliver – Analysis of safe entry zones into the brainstem in different pathologies

Bozinov Oliver – Management of brainstem haemorrhages

Karl Schaller – Training of the Millennial Generation

Marcel Ivanov – Intraoperative Ultrasound Applications in Neurosurgery

Inés Calabria – NGS molecular genetic test opportunities in Brain Gliomas

Ostrovskyi Oleksіi – The value of medulloblastoma genetic diversity in clinical practice

Orel Volodymyr – Wake-up anesthesia. Necessity or “fashion” trend?

15:30-17:00 Scientific Section: Glioma Management
Moderators: Son A., Silaeva O.

Hlavatskyi Oleksandr – Bevacizumab in the complex treatment of recurrent and inoperable glioblastoma

Levchenko Mykola – Radiographic patterns of High-grade gliomas treated with bevacizumab

Hudak Petro – Rationale for multiple brain metastasis surgical treatment

Olga Silaieva – Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases

Maksym Palii – Modern methods of radiation therapy in CNS tumors treatment

Chomoliak Yu – Combined treatment of medulloblastoma: our experience of multidisciplinary approach

Masniy O – Patients rehabilitation, team approach. International standart

17:10-19:15 Scientific Section: Glioma Management & Functional Neurosurgery
Moderators: Smolanka V., Voznyak O.

Huk Andriy – Invasive tumors of the third ventricle. Endoscopic transcortical transventricular approach

Oblyvach Andrii – Surgical management of lateral ventricles meningiomas

Voznyak Oleksandr – Surgery of Insular Astrocytomas

Smolanka Volodymyr – Principles and organizational aspects of epilepsy surgical treatment

Sudakova Oksana – Features of the course of drug-resistant epilepsy in patients with different models of implanted vagus nerve stimulators. Our experience

2nd day Tuesday, March.,02, 2021
13:00-15:40 Scientific Section: Skull Base Neurosurgery
Moderators: Smolanka V., Voznyak O.

Luis alencar Borba – Advances in vestibular schwannoma surgery

Smolanka V. V. – Application of microsurgery and endoscopy for cavernous sinus and sphenopetroclival tumours. Competitive or mutually beneficial techniques?

Lytvynenko Andrii – Tentorial meningioma surgery

Dukhovskyy Oleksandr – Intra- and postoperative complications in surgery of tumors of the posterior cranial fossa

Dmytro Okonsky – Surgical tactics of craniofacial tumors treatment, their intra- and extracranial extension

Bilotserkivskyi Ihor – Diagnostic and treatment of hypervascular skull base tumors

Son Anatoliy – Balloon reposition of the orbital and frontal sinus fracture

Edgars Kaparkaleis – BK Medical solutions for neurosergery

16:00-18:30 Scientific Section: Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Neurosurgery
Moderators: Roman I., Oblyvach A.

Aksonov Ruslan – Capabilities of endoscopic endonasal surgery in somatotropic pituitary adenomas treatment.

Guk Mykola – Endoscopic surgery of craniopharyngiomas. How to improve the endocrine outcome?
Complications of endoscopic endonasal surgery. Avoidance, prediction or scheduled confession only?
The Immunohistochemical Findings in Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas. What is new for routine practice?

Oleksandr Pastushyn – Acute ischemic stroke treatment experience. Analysis 2020

Bohdan Chopko – Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy Strategies for Salvage of Intractable Brain Tumors

Bohdan Chopko – Middle meningeal artery embolization for treatment of chronic subdural hematoma

Martin Sames – Cartoid endarterectomy after iv thrombolysis and mechanical thrombectomy. Proposed algorithm and timing

Ihor Tysh – Carotid endarterectomy complications and solution options

Hudym M – The results of microsurgical clipping of saccular aneurysms

Martyn Andrii – Acutely ruptured brain aneurysms: our experience of perioperative management.


3rd day Wednesday, March, 03, 2021
09:00-10:30 Scientific Section & Round Table: Intraoperative Neuromonitoring
Moderators: Vareshniuk O., Herasymenko O.

Vareshniuk Olena – Intraoperative monitoring of the caudal group of cranial nerves

Herasymenko Olga – Capabilities of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during surgery of brainstem lesions

Kurysko Kira – Monitoring of Cranial Nerves III, IV, and VI

Vareshniuk Olena 2 – Complications due to motor evoked potentials usage during intraoperative neuromonitoring

Kurysko Kira – Use of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during surgical treatment of scoliotic spinal deformity

10:30-12:00 Scientific Section: Miscellaneous
Moderators: Dukhovskyy O., Lovha M.

Dukhovskyy Oleksandr – Features of dysfunctions and complications of CSF shunting system in children with different etiology of hydroсephalus

Sudakova Oksana – Puncture of the slit-ventricles using the «Tomale» navigation system

Lovha Mykhailo – Endoscopy in pediatric neurosurgery


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